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“Group members span from their twenties to the seventies in age; some of them are politically savvy, and other others are obstinate. But they share two things in common: They refuse to give up or take no for an answer, and they recognize Jane Goodall authentically understands the relationship that is essential between childlike and humans. These are their stories” (Thane Maynard XVII)

This was the quote is what started it all, started the book. This book, activities and these blog posts have been an amazing and really fun project. And I would honestly say that this book addresses a serious issue and is a good candidate for this Global Issue themed novel study. First of all, the issue of environmental destruction and animals going into extinction is happening now. This is a current issue that is currently at its worst in all of history. Plus, it’s definitely global. This isn’t just an issue that only affects one country and can be solved by one country. This is an issue that affects ev…

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